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Hotaru means 'firefly' in Japanese. Because these poetic creatures live for but a brief time, they've come to symbolize the fleeting nature of life. Watching them pulsing and glowing in flight, we are reminded to live each moment to its fullest. Photography's aim is to capture such moments with light.

Hotaru Images is an online resource for print and web designers. Our images of Asia are chosen with an eye for color, simplicity and visual impact. Browse our portfolios of Japan, China and India, or search by color or mood. Because Hotaru Images was started by artists and designers, there's no need to wade through hundreds of unsuitable images to find just the right look for your project. And since we're brand new, your work will retain a fresh look and originality, something hard to achieve when using images from the more popular image banks.

Contact us at info@hotaruimages for questions and pricing.

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